I didn't know that... facts about London before it was really London

The oldest evidence of humans in the London area dates back about 400,000 years

People began to ride horses in Britain 2,800 years ago

The first farmers worked the land 8,000 years ago

Neanderthals were the first people in Europe to bury their dead

Although most prehistoric 'Londoners' only travelled up to 50 km (31 miles) in their life time. They traded as far away as present day Switzerland

Bodies in graves lay on their side with their legs and arms drawn up like a new born child, not on their back

Like us prehistoric people were mainly right-handed

They could control fire to generate light and heat

True equality existed in prehistoric times - both men and women hunted for food

Enfield, North London was once under ice

Lions, hippos, rhinos, straight-tusked elephants, deers, wild horses, wild pigs and aurochs (wild ox) once roamed the Thames Valley

The English Channel rose and fell at least (possibly maximum of 5-6, could be a minimum of twice) times over ½ million years

We look the same today as people living here 40,000 years ago

The first brain surgeons operated 3,700 years ago

The Thames once flowed through the vale of St Alban's and didn't take its present course until about 450,000 years ago.

Compiled by the Press Office at the Museum of London