Don't leave London until you've...

Whether you're a lifelong Londoner, recent arrival or day visitor there are some things you just have to do... How many of these can you tick off your "been there, done that" list? You can't be said to really know London unless you've...

beefeater at tower of london· Joined in a tour with a Yeoman Warder "Beefeater" at the Tower of London (as an adult, not in your school-days!)

· Gone to grab an antique bargain at 6.00 am from Bermondsey market

· Flown a kite on Hampstead Heath and enjoyed the house and garden at Fenton House

· Seen Tower Bridge from the inside, crossing the river through the walkways and with photos of the great views to prove it

monument· Climbed to the top of the Monument on a clear day for one of the best views in London

· Thrown your voice in the Whispering Gallery at St. Paul’s Cathedral

· Bought plants and flowers on Sunday morning at Columbia Road Flower Market

· Gone bird watching at the London Wetlands Centre

· Eaten strawberries & cream at the Centre Court café at the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum and enjoyed a behind-the-scenes tour

· Climbed into a flight simulator at the RAF Museum in Hendon

· Seen the beautiful view (protected by act of parliament) from Richmond Hill

shakespeare's globe· Watched a performance at Shakespeare’s Globe

· Walked along the South Bank of the Thames from the Design Museum to Waterloo Bridge

· Met a World War II bus conductor at London’s Transport Museum

· Shopped and watched the buskers at Covent Garden

· Been on a river cruise and seen London’s famous sights from the Thames

· Shopped in at least one of London’s ethnic areas like Green Street in Newham or Southall in Ealing and eaten a curry in Brick Lane

· Seen the giant Amazonian water lily in the Princess of Wales’ conservatory, Kew Gardens

· Seen Botticelli’s Venus & Mars and Van Gogh’s Chair at the National Gallery

· Got lost in the maze at Hampton Court Palace

· Visited one of London’s lesser known museums like the Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret.

· Ridden on the world's largest and most stylish observation wheel, the British Airways London Eye

· Seen Tate Modern's controversial exhibits, minimalist architecture and fabulous river views

· Been on a sightseeing tour of London – on the top of a number 11 double-decker bus

· Seen magnificent new architecture and old dockers’ houses from the vantage point of the Docklands Light Railway

· Stood at Island Gardens at the top of the Isle of Dogs and seen what Sir Christopher Wren called "the best view in Europe" – looking across the water to Greenwich and Wren's Royal Naval College and the old Royal Observatory, and watched the Time Ball fall at 1300 hours (it drops at 1pm because the astronomers were busy with their telescopes with the midday sun).

· Discovered a different side to London's history, perhaps learning about the ghosts that haunt it or the famous authors who wrote here, by taking a guided walking tour.

· Explored some of London's villages – Hampstead, Dulwich, Richmond, and Wimbledon and some of its more cosmopolitan areas such as Brixton, Whitechapel Road market, Hackney and Harlesden.