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Whether you've lived here all your life or just arrived, we're assuming you're pretty savvy about London. You know where the major tourist sites are and you're looking for some fresh ideas. Places to tell your friends about.

Get some inspiration from Londoners' recommendations - or try to win a prize by telling us about your own favourite places (you don't have to be a Londoner). Take a look behind the scenes and see another London. Learn about a few famous Londoners, & perhaps memorise a bit of trivia to make your friends say, "I didn't know that..."

Best of all you can discover some new areas of London and show off your knowledge with our competitions - there are plenty of prizes and "money can't buy" experiences to win.

What-ever you do - get out there & see as much as you can. And subscribe to the free newsletter so once a month we can remind you just how much there is to do...You wouldn't want to miss anything would you?

You'll find more special features and suggestions for things to do in London in the right hand column on each page.

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